Patty Schleicher (1926 – 2004)

We are saddened by her recent passing, however her spirit of dedication to marbling and the arts lives on.

Patricia (Patty) Schleicher, 77, died peacefully in her sleep on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2004, at her home. She lived her life well and is remembered by her close family and friends.

Throughout her life she pursued a diverse education including architecture, painting, weaving, sculpture, organic gardening, theology, and bookbinding. She was a passionate reader and the Weaverville Librarian from 1973-1980 and assisted in the transition to the current library. In 1976 Patty rediscovered the art of marbling from incomplete descriptions in obscure books and joined by her daughter, Mimi Schleicher, built a craft business. She taught marbling workshops, co-authored two books and an educational video. Patty was awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Southern Highland Craft Guild for dedicated service. She served on Education, Program, and Marketing Committees and the Board of Trustees. She devoted countless hours in setting up the Guild’s craft library now containing over 4,000 volumes.

To obtain a copy of the video, Experience the Magic of Marbling visit:

Some of Patty’s work