methocellulose, carrageenan and ammonia.

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methocellulose, carrageenan and ammonia.

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Lots of online sources of information say its important to use a teaspoon of household ammonia (which has a high pH) when using methocellulose or carrageenan to help it dissolve properly in the solution, otherwise you find the solution is thick at the bottom and weak at the top.

1) is this really necessary?

2) I have baking soda, which also has a high pH, could I add a teaspoon of baking soda instead?
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Re: methocellulose, carrageenan and ammonia.

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Yes, it is necessary to use the ammonia with methylcellulose. Left overnight without the ammonia, the container appears to have a rubbery hockey puck at the bottom in the morning. When initially mixing the water and methocell, I stir until the solution is fairly clear (lots of stirring at first, then stir for about 30 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so.) When ammonia is added, the solution immediately becomes crystal clear. No trouble with lumps or settling after this. I do not know if another chemical will do the same. I also do not know if this treatment is the same for carrageenan.
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