Announcing a new book, new info

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Announcing a new book, new info

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On Jake Benson's suggestion, I'm posting here information about my newly released book.

New infos:
It is now a fact that the book is available from Oak Knoll.
Didn't manage to add files of the cover and a few pages to browse. Please feel free to contact me privately in case you're interested.


Susanne Krause, Julia Rinck

Buntpapier – Ein Bestimmungsbuch | Decorated Paper – A Guide Book | Sierpapier – Een gids
Hauswedell, Stuttgart, 2016, ISBN 978-3-7762-0516-9

Second, revised and extended edition
Subscription price € 96,- until June 30, 2016. From July 1st € 129,-

Even those who know a lot about paper are often uncertain when it comes to decorated papers. The manufacturing of decorated paper has developed over the centuries. A large part of the contemporary papers, in crafts and the arts, are made with historical techniques.

Decorated paper – A Guide Book directs itself to all those who are interested today in decorated papers from past and present, whether these be archivists, researchers, librarians, conservators, auctioneers, collectors, curators, book and paper lovers or antiquarians, whether craftsmen, designers or artists. The goal is to provide those interested with a guide, such that the most important decorated papers can be clearly recognized, given a correct designation and be understood better.

The second edition has been supplemented with new decorated paper kinds and general historical and technical information. The illustration section has been amply expanded with unusual kinds and and more variations of a paper. A special chapter by Henk Porck shows the use of decorated papers beyond the known and expected. The three languages (German, English and Dutch) enable effortless exchange with international colleagues.

Available from: ->Neuerscheinung ->Shop
or in your book shop

296 pages with 182 figures.
Introduction by Frieder Schmidt, Leipzig. Special contribution by Henk Porck, The Hague.
Hardback. ISBN 978-3-7762-0516-9.
The book is trilingual (German, English and Dutch)

Susanne Krause: Buntpapiermacherin, Verlegerin, Autorin – Paper decorator, publisher, author – Sierpapiermaakster, uitgeefster, schrijfster
Julia Rinck: Kunsthistorikerin – Art historian – Kunsthistorica
Unter Mitarbeit von | In collaboration with | In samenwerking met
Henk Porck: Chemiker, Kurator – Conservation scientist – Conserveringsonderzoeker
Frieder Schmidt: Historiker, Kurator – Historian, Curator – Historicus, Conservator

Lektorin – Reader – Lectrice: Ida Schrijver 
Schlussredaktion – Final editing – Eindredactrice: Susanne Krause
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Re: Announcing a new book

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I moved this topic from "Announcement" this forum.

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